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So... Two, years agoI voluntarily repossessed my Mazda cx-7... Roughly two years ago... I was paying $595 a month for a payment and 200 a month in insurance. I still owed 26,000... I had 10,000 in credit card debt.. And I had my motorcycle owing 8,000... So I was 44,000 in debt altogether.. And I was making my payments, and I had some fun money. But I wasn't making any headway. I making minimums and nothing more... And I didn't particularly like that car sad to say. So I repoed it. It got 13 at auction... So I owed 13.. It's now down to 4,000... My bike is also down to 4,000... And my credit card debt is gone. I should finish paying off the car and the bike first... But I've been riding my bike for two straight years as my sole form of transportation.. And I just don't want to do it anymore. So I most probably likely will be buying...
I havn't test driven it yet.. It's being shipped from Tuscon. 2005 Mini Cooper Convertible. It's 1000 under blue book from carmax. Payment of 260.. with insurance of roughly 90 month. I'm so very stoked. I've wanted a mini for a very very very long time. Actually it's the car I should have bought when I bought the mazda which was a purchase that got quite out of hand. So yes... After two years of being carless, it is about time.

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Nice car! My friend has a Mini Cooper and loves it.

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