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Facebook deactivated
It feels like a crutch that I spend entirely too much time on. I check it at every light. I glance at my phone every 10-30 minutes to see if there is an update from anyone. I whine passive aggressively at noone and everyone at the same time. I don't have any amazingly ridiculously trivial updates, but the are entirely too trivial. I feel like I'm begging for a connection in some way that I don't even understand. So I deactivated it. It's not permament. As soon as I log in, it reactivates. But I deactivated it, and I erased it from my quickbar and my iPhone. It feels so amazing to be free.

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it's crazy how dependent to facebook i've become. i waited a long time to get one, and remember being perfectly fine without it, but now i can't imagine not checking it everyday. i bet it feels great to give it a break.

p.s. hi! i know i haven't been very active but i just started updating/commenting more, so i should be around more often from now on!

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