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So I won't bother with the beginning of the story, because it doesn't matter. And two, I don't even know what it is. But I do know the end. I know the end well.

I want someone to give themselves to me fully and completely. I want someone to trust themselves with me fully and completely. I need that. I deserve that. And every decent person I've ever known deserves that.

And she said, "I will never, ever, give myself to anyone freely and completely."

I think you will. I think eventually you will because you deserve that. They deserve that. So you have to work tomorrow, and I have class tomorrow. So goodluck. Good night.

She said, "I will never, ever.... Good night. Bye bye."

Next morning appendum:
She has some trust and intimacy issues she definitely needs to work out if she is ever to have the family and life she talks about wanting. I'd like to think I could struggle with my patience and have more of it, and give her the time and patience that she needs. But I don't think she sees herself as having a problem. And for me to think that I could somehow change her is absurdly foolhardy and just plain stupid. You take people as they are, and hopefully you'll naturally change together. But you don't base a relationship on changing someone. You, I absolutely do not. So that is that. Next(Hopefully won't take as long as the last)

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You never should give yourself to anyone freely and completely. If you love someone enough then you respect that they will have things they don't want to share with you just as you have things you don't want to share with them.

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