Sad couple of weeks for motoGP

I applied to the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino that'll be opening end of this year... One of the questions on the application was "Do you have at least 2 years experience working on a major strip property?" Well they didn't define neither strip or major property, so I was able to happily click "Yes." It's one of those requirements were if you no the computer just locks you out of the process and you're done. So I passed that part, and they sent me a quick online assessment. I must have did something right because I was invited to a group interview. Now I've never had a group interview before, but if all group interviews go like this one did... It's kinda cool! The goal I was told was to talk. What you say doesn't even really matter, they just want to see how outgoing and how quickly you can think on your feet. Well apparently I did fairly well on that too! Because now I have an audition... which is skills. They want two games, and I put forth only my two best games. The problem is one of those I've been dealing every day for 5 years. I will ROCK IT. The other... meh. My experience on it is limited at best. Depending on how they do it exactly, I can nail it. Or I could do miserable. The question becomes how much does me rocking at the other game(Dice, which is easily the hardest game of the four they want you to know two of) will offset the so-so performance on the other. Oh well, I'm going to find out! I have to go schedule my own audition.. I'm going to get some advice from people in the business on if scheduling later would hurt me first. I have a few weeks I can get better at my weak game maybe. We'll see!

Mommy 3.0
She arrived last night. She hid in her room all day long. My dad got off work at 5ish. And he had to convince her to come downstairs and make an appearance. Holy shit! She's freaking tiny! Like 4'10" 80 pounds tiny. She ran back upstairs as quickly as possible.

OkCupid Fun
So one of the most annoying things about the online dating scene is when you write someone an amazing message and you get no reply. All of your good intentions and thoughts go into a fun interesting short and witty message, and in response, she can't be be bothered to reply(if she even read the message!). But every now and then, I'll send someone a little "OH WOW! You're amazing!" message. And for this, I honestly don't expect a reply because usually I'm not actually hitting on said person because of the distance thing. I just saw a profile that I liked with a person attached that seems ideal, but she since she doesn't live in Vegas, there is no match potential there. I do it as a slight ego boost that just makes me feel better about myself, y'know? Well the other day, I wrote one of said messages to someone. And she actually did take the time to reply! Nothing amazing or detailed, but she replied and it kinda made my day.

I wrote....
You suck! Or I do, either way...
Aug. 6, 2010 – 3:50am
My favorite part of your profile, "or you don't drive a hummer" That's so awesome! But anyways, I'm just trying to ego boost you a little(your too far away for me to actually seriously hit on, but lets call it.. hitting on girls practice ;). You seem absolutely adorably from loving karaoking, to watching food network, to working in restaurants(I miss them so!), to cooking, for chasing your l.a. dream, to skiing, for liking cats, and for just plain being gorgeous. So yes, you absolutely suck for not being close enough to seriously hit on. Actually, I guess I kinda failed at the whole "hitting on girls practice" cause I'm fairly certain being worshiped only works for me and never ever works on anyone less narcissistic(which is most people) ;)

Good luck on the acting, and finding a non-douchey guy around here.

And she replied...
Thank you for the ego-boost, it was very sweet and much appreciated :)

Like I said nothing major, but it was really nice.

One Big Happy Family
How is this for sitcom material? As of 6:20 P.M. on Sunday the 15th of August 2010, I live in a house with my brother, my father, my mother, and my two-years-older-than-me step-mother.

My Night July 22nd Continued And the $650 lesson.
So, I feel like I should close out this story that didn't quite end before. Home girl from the bar that I made out with, her name was Erin. I tried calling her the next day at like 4ish(Did not leave message). She sent me a text later asking about who it was. She said she had fun. I told her next time will be better. I tried calling her again the next day at noonish(Again no message). I called her later at about 11ish. I hit all the time "areas" over a time period of 2 days. So this time I left a message. It went along the lines of, "So I'm trying to get a hold of you on the phone because I want to ask you out. I can't just send a text because that's kinda tacky. I mean leaving a message telling you I'm going to ask you out is tacky too, but I think it's less so." She sends a text back a few hours later, "I got your message. I'd call you back, but it's loud here." So I call her the next day(saturday), and I leave a call me back message. She never replies.
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I want
I want to take a month off next summer. I want to take my bike down to the Mexican border.. I want to take the pacific coast highway up to Canada. I want to ride along the Canadian border to the east coast and travel down whatever is over there. And then I want to ride along the gulf coast to the Mexican border. I want a camera on my helmet. And a few cameras on the bike.

Charlie St. Cloud
So I saw Charlie St. Cloud, and obviously like all books turned into movies, the book was better. But it was still good! It was still very enjoyable. It was one of those books turned into movies were they changed little details, making you question why? They weren't for change in format. They weren't to make it longer. They weren't to add clarification. They were just little small things that to me made the book make more sense.

But at any rate! The most interesting thing about the movie was this... I came with my mom and two of my lesbian friends(one couple). I'm a twenty year old guy, my friend's girl is 24, and my friend is 29. We encompassed the whole 20-something's in the crowd. There were no thirty somethings nor forty somethings. There was one older gentleman! And then there were a bunch of old ladies. And then there were a bunch of girls between 9 and 14. One of these is not like the others. One of these does not belong.

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 10. Jo played by Alona Tal
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When I started working at South Point, there was a guy of roughly low 40's. He was a really nice guy. And he married a cousin of a dealer who wanted to come to America, mail order-bride style as opposed to pay me and I'll marry you. I thought it was pathetic. She was 21, and he was 40-something. I thought it was ridiculously pathetic, and I couldn't imagine ever being so sad and pathetic. My dad is now doing the same thing. He's 50, and he's marrying a 28 year old Philippina who wants to come here. Of course I was thinking this was equally pathetic. Another guy at work(31), he's thinking of the same thing! I'm starting to rethink my stance.

The past four years have been rough for me. And recent experiences are just culminating in even worse events. I'm a damn great catch if I do say so myself. And my standards aren't ridiculously high. I don't even go for the prettiest girl in the room. I have a style that I look for above all else. I want someone comparable to me. I'm not a large guy by any means. I don't want anyone ridiculously larger than me, and I don't want anyone ridiculously smaller than me either. I have fairly realistic standards for what I'm looking for. If anything(according to everyone who knows me), my standards are kinda below me even. I'm starting to think the above mentioned are not pathetic at all. I'm starting to think maybe even, they have the right idea.

But why would someone from another country be a good idea? Is the problem american girls? With that thought in mind, I googled "american girls are retarded". Yes, I was a bit bitter(Sorry women reading this!). And one of the Yahoo! answers that showed up in the results had a much more PC verion of the question. "Why are Romanian, Ukrainian, and Russian girls friendly,compared with American girls?" His question goes into more depth, but that was the gist of it. And I actually like the answer which I'll quote here
There are a few facts being overlooked here.

1. Simple mathematics. The former Soviet world has been left with a dearth of men. Population statistics show that in former Soviet countries, there are 5 women for every 4 men. Now, if you consider the number of men in military service and/or off the market for any other reason, you'll quickly be able to surmise the low prospects for the average woman. ANY man is worth your attention in these conditions.

2. By contrast, Americans are generally overweight, poorly dressed, loud, and frankly... irritating. So for the few good-looking women there is a LOT of competition. The result is, women become the desired commodity in the US, they have all the cards, and they use them shrewdly.

3. Couple that with the American culture of equal rights to the point of absurdity. Americans are being taught that women can do anything men can do, which makes American women take a negative stance toward men. Every girl grows up being told they're a little princess and they'll meet their prince and have a beautiful wedding... and on the other hand they're told not to let a man open a door for them, not to allow him to pay for their dinner, don't accept less pay, etc. The unfortunate result is that they all want a prince charming, but they've taken away all the princely traits, so in the end, no one can ever be good enough.

It makes me feel a little better. At least there's some kind of explanation as to why I can't seem to find anyone. I think I'd be better off if I tried less. At least then, it would definitely make sense.


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