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So I had my most expensive date ever. Actually, I think I came close to spending more money on this one date than I've ever spent on any girl. My excuse to her was "belated birthday." She turned 25 on April 10th, but she spent that in Bellingham with her family. Really, I kinda just have a lot of pent up "must spoil someone," and it was one of those things where, well I'm already going this far so might as well...

I wore charcoal jeans, a green button up shirt, and a charcoal waistcoast with my pocket watch of course. I picked her up at 6:30, and she wore a turquoise dress, and she had a white flower in her hair. She looked amazing, and I kinda meant to say so when I saw her(assuming that she would have course). But it just seemed intrusive and too cliche. We ate at a restaurant called Casa Di Amore. I had never been there before, mostly because it seemed so cheesy, but I was given a few recommendations for it. The atmosphere was amazing. They had pictures of now gone Vegas casinos and other relics of the past. It was smallish and very quaint. I ordered roasted peppers with cheese for an appetizer and it was excellent. She had a chicken caprese which looked amazing. I had a linguini with clams which was so so. And the service was horrible. In her defense, she did end up helping another server with a rather large table, but that's no excuse for ignoring us.

So after that, we drove to New York, New York. When I went there earlier to pickup the tickets from will call in advance, I timed the distance from the theater to the parking garage and to valet. I also stuck the tickets in the glove box, so that I wouldn't forget them at home. So we valet'd, and since we were so early we kinda walked the wrong way anyways. I never told her what show we were going to see, but she said she had a guess. Self consciously, she wouldn't tell me her guess until she knew what show it was. So we went to the bar, and we must have passed 20 signs that mentioned Zumanity. We ordered our drinks and the bartender asked about our plans, and he asked if we're going to see the show. I said, "We're going to see it, but she still doesn't know what it is." He blurts out, "She doesn't know what Zumanity is?" Grr, dumb ass. It was very funny at least. It turned out she thought we were going to see Phantom of the Opera which I previously told her I wanted to see. And I had her watch the movie. She thought I was making her watch the movie in preparation. And I thought since I already made her watch the movie, I should take her to a show she said she wanted to see. Oh and one last thing for that, I forgot the tickets in the glove box. Yup, we definitely should have used the garage. Oops.

So the show itself was excellent. We walked in with the crowd as soon as the doors opened, and it was very welcome to do so. The pre-show banter was absolutely worth it and kinda essential from a value standpoint(Tickets were 90ish for a front section). We bought giant 32 ounce drinks at the show bar. They weren't too absurdly priced surprisingly. The skits and the acrobatics and the dances were all excellent. There weren't too many surprises or misses. There was one segment that seemed to be trying too hard to be sensual, but that was definitely the only semi-low point. And as interesting as the show, Loriana's responses were classic and amazing and oh so cute. She is so proper. There was plenty of shocked and omg they didn't looks. Completely awesome. If you're only going to see one Cirque Du Soleil show, I'd still recommend O over this one, but this was still a great show.

When I dropped her off, we had a little bit of a conversation about "us". It didn't quite go as well as I would have liked, and kinda just reinforced my normal opinion of such conversations being fully unnecessary. She actually shares my normal boyfriend/girlfriend thing of a label that others kinda just throw on you. But she makes me feel so insecure which is why I kinda thought I had to bring it up. I'm still not sure how I feel about that. I need to trust myself as much as I usually do. I can see long term potential here with her. And I told her that what I want is the long term potential. I don't need anything to be serious, but if she ever realizes that I definitely could not be a part of her future to let me know. I don't want to pursue a just for now relationship, a fling, or anything else just for kicks type of thing. I feel so old.

We had someone take a photo of us after most people left the theatre... I tried fixing it, but I failed miserably(Did brighten it up a little). So I tried using ... I'll post the new one once they finish with it.


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