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Girl isn't done.

I think I'm going to teach high school math as opposed to English. Kinda screws me up in that some of my pre-reqs are completely useless, and I won't be able to attend Nevada State College anymore. Unlv is double the price. Grr. It has to be done. I'm not sure graduation by 30 is possible.

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Why the switch? Both are in demand & since you want to teach you won't have to get a master's for English. Or is it ESL that's got you?

Also... could you double major? Or what about finish up to teach English then go for Math while you have a teaching job?

Actually English teachers aren't actually in demand around here. They're off the list. I actually know some english teachers who can't find a job around here. But it's not actually about that. I just don't feel as if I am all that special when it comes to writing anymore. And I don't want to be one of those, "Those who cannot do; teach" people. And with the bullshit that is happening in education, I think English is the last subject anyone wants to be involved in. I feel as with my talents, math or science would just all around be a better fit.

Nevada State College does actually offer a secondary education with an emphasis on mathematics degree, but with how small the college is... It'll take me at least four years to graduate I think. They just won't offer the courses when I'm ready for them... Now the way UNLV does it... You either get a bachelors of science in education or a bachelors of arts in education. And then you can pick a first and second teaching area... So I would do a B.S. In secondary education with a primary of mathetics and a secondary of physical science. I think I need to actually talk to someone to see how exactly far I'm set back. So we'll see.. Also with UNLV, I could bust my ass with summer and maybe get a excessive credit waiver if I attend school full time.

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